New Style International is worldwide specialized in designing and realizing innovative new housing projects. Exclusive housing projects. All the buildings we develop, are characterized by a high level of ambition. Not only to meet the growing demands of our clients. Also because we always aim to push the boundaries of our innovative building. New Style International develops houses and buildings using tested flexible prefab building systems suited for any project and any environment. On the basis of the location and the program requirements we are always able to come up with the best, least expensive and fastest solution.

    Designing and developing our innovative buildings on the basis of flexible building systems is impossible without the help of our specialized partners.

    New Style International works closely together with specialized companies who provide our projects with the most suitable materials. Sustainable, affordable and tasteful materials. Whether glass, wood, stone or steel, together with our partners we help you to make the right choices. Sustainable, climate-proof, energy efficient and affordable choices.


    Henny Drost